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Make use of carrageenan and get more benefits

In today’s modern era, although we know almost everything about the digital space but we are still unequipped with some of the specific ingredients that enhance the food texture and act as a binding agent for many dishes being consumed all over the world. Thus, here in this piece of write up, we are going to draw your attention towards an important ingredient that could be found in many households which serves as a food addictive for a wide range of foods.

Yes, we are talking about carrageenan which is said be a naturally derived extract of seaweed. Basically, it is a soluble fibre that is carefully extracted from the red seaweed that has been predominantly brought into usage from the past hundred years in the art of cooking across the entire globe. It has been noticed that it is a good replacement for the animal based and synthetic products. Common in the vegetarian diets, it is a popular ingredient to add texture and stabilize the food items. As a result, it is known for enabling the outcome of a well defined and indulgent product. It retains the moisture of the cooked food and also helps in maintaining the nutritive value of the food components in various recipes. Many of the people are getting scared of using this because there are lot of misconceptions are given by many users. You no need to worry about this if you are doing the detailed search in online you can get more number of information about it easily.

Facts about the food ingredient Carrageenan

  • Myths can turn out to be disastrous and may lead to damage the trust that a person in builds in a product. A perilous myth that has affected the stability of this food addictive is that it leads to Carrageenan cancer. But after many scientific researches it has been proved that Carrageenan is absolutely safe and appropriate to be consumed.
  • As lately as in July 2014, the expert committee of WHO declared on Food addictives(JECFA) that using Carrageenan as formulated for infants or also for specific medical purposes is not risky at all and not a matter of concern.
  • Complementary to this, WHO has positioned carrageenan as the best available food addictive and also the well known International agency for Research on cancer has affirmed this ingredient to be absolutely harmless and most necessarily non carcinogenic.


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Carrageenan And its Positive Impacts

People often have doubt in what is carrageenan? If you have ever purchased almond milk, you may notice an ingredient named Carrageenan. It is used to describe variety of food grade Polysaccharides. It is obtained from multiple species of seaweed. Carrageenan got grade to be used with food before some years. It is produced in three forms such as Iota, Kappa and Lambda. Each of these forms is derived from multiple species of sea weed. Each possesses different molecular structure. Based on its structure, its area of application in food will also vary. Lambda carrageenan is majorly used in vegan foods like salad dressings, veggie dogs, plant milks and ice creams. Kappa carrageenan is used as a firming agent to provide taste to food. Its softness level varies. It is important to produce finest cheeses similar to dairy cheeses. Iota Carrageenan is used to replace function of gelatin in marshmallow recipe. It is important to note that, specific cheeses are only recipes for Kappa Carrageenan and marshmallow is only recipe for Iota Carrageenan. This presence restricts at quantity of carrageenan usage.


Molecular Structure Decides About Application:

A doctor realized about molecular structure of carrageenan. He said that, degraded molecular form of carrageenan is Poligeenan. It is used in other applications such as barium for X-Rays and CT scans. It is used to describe both Poligeenan and food grade carrageenan. Food regulatory agencies in the United States repeatedly review about carrageenan and continue to give approval for carrageenan. WHO (World Health Organization) also often supposed to give positive reviews to carrageenan. Independent of studies and theories, number of professional and active consumer advocates has revived Anti-Carrageenan. As per them, it is unsafe to intake carrageenan. People still want to know about what is carrageenan? If users are concerned about carrageenan, one is necessary to read labels. While few companies are still supposed to deliver carrageenan as per customer’s demand, few food traders are more cautious about research studies. A food scientist for academy of Nutrition and diet believes that FDA is right about its approach in application of carrageenan. Carrageenan will induce more benefits to users on its proper quantity. Some companies remove carrageenan from products, but few don’t. It is important to read label to ensure that a product contains Carrageenan. Poligeenan is considered to be with possible amount of carcinogen. Food carrageenan does not contain carcinogen. Only relationship between food grade carrageenan and poligeenan is material.