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Google Pixel 2, getting closer to the market and more rival of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Last year Google put on the market the new Google Pixel, the official replacements of the Nexus terminals that happened then to be of own manufacture. Although the model was actually followed by others like Apple: designing at home and yielding manufacturing to a third party. Specifically, that third was the good HTC.

Despite the initial problems of distribution, it is still not available on most of the planet, Google decided to continue the Google Pixel and began to raise rumors and leaks about the Pixel 2. The latest leak, in the form of a benchmark, shows that the second generation of Google terminals is slowly becoming a serious rival to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other high ranges today.

It is exactly the same thing that happens to us in life, although our performance depends on the way we use our ability. On paper, the Google Pixel 2, and also its two other unconfirmed brothers, is accumulating more and more power. So much so that it becomes a rival for the Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi 6 or Xperia XZ Premium, among others.

Earlier filings told us that Google would have opted for the Snapdragon 835 to command its new flagships, and the latest benchmark coming from the device confirms it, also talking about the terminal, at least the most basic of them, will have 4GB of RAM to manage processes derived from the processor.

As we see, the brain that is filtering from this future Google Pixel 2 increasingly resembles the current market leaders, presented or to come, and we would only have to know some features like your internal storage, your screen or your game of Cameras. Well in the end, the quality of a smartphone is defined by the sum of all its components, not everything branded the processor.

On the screen, a rumor arrives without palpable evidence for a moment, but a rumor that sounds strongly. One that speaks of Google would join the Pixel 2 in the fashion of phones without frames and that we could witness the arrival of a larger screen in the same body of the previous generation. Exactly what Samsung has done with its two Galaxy S8, and what LG has done with its LG G6?

Everything we read about the Google Pixel 2 we like, and we like more as the rumors and leaks. More power, more screen ratio vs. frame and who knows if a better camera. We will see how it is defended in aspects such as autonomy and, above all, in that of distribution. There are few things worse than wanting a mobile phone that you cannot buy easily. Or maybe yes.



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Get to know the software quality assurance

Making your business tool perfect is one of the best ways of enhancing the popularization of your business among people. If you are going to start your business then creating the enticing website and software are essential to grabbing the attention of people. Merely creating the site will not be worth for your business because you should test the quality of your site whether it has actually made in a customer attracting manner and stability. Since we are living in the highly competitive world, you have to be very careful about each and every step towards your business to stay in the business world by fighting against your contenders. For this reason, you have to spend your quality time for your business in order to ensure the quality of the website of your business. This is the loop hole to entice the people towards your business and your service. If you are eagerly willing to attain the best and quality software qa consulting services for your business then you should hit the right source who can afford the fascinating developing service for your business. Once you reach out such source, definitely you will start to receive more quality service for your business.

All about software quality assurance service

Though one product has created, checking the quality of such product will help you to get the trust and goodwill from customer. Obviously, it will also increase the amount of your customer. Likewise, you should be concentrated in your website creation since it is very important to tighten the connective and bondage with your customer. You can make that happen by testing your created site in terms of their stability and quality. By hiring the best software developing service will make such things happen in your business life. Once you hit software qa consulting services, they will offer more service for your business such as,

  • Automated testing
  • Full cycle testing
  • Web application testing
  • Test automation for mobile
  • Mobile application testing
  • Performance, load and stress testing

These are the services are given by the software quality assurance consulting service. So, hit the right source and grab more customers for your business.




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Exciting features of Galaxy S9- flagship of 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered with enough power battery, but users are finding it not enough, may be with Galaxy S9, user’s issue will be resolved? Let’s discover it.

In the new room for a large battery was not, therefore, set the battery with 3000 mAh, which is 600 mAh less than the curved sevens. However, in terms of the autonomy of the smartphone is not exactly become worse – it works from morning till night. It is unlikely that the device will live up to the night. If during operation of the screen will not exceed 3 or 3.5 hours. And all this despite the fact that you are pre-set resolution on Full HD +. In Galaxy S9, the battery capacity is higher than S8. A non-removable Li-Ion battery capacity of 4200mAh is present.

Night Pictures

When the light is in abundance, many smartphones shoot well, more or less identical. But Night Snapshot – a real challenge for any mobile device. And then the developers had to show all their skills in order to reduce noise, do not turn a photo into a watercolor and so on. And yes, it has happened! Finally, I found the difference. S8 takes pictures a little more detail and less noise. Galaxy S9 would also be able to take the pictures with lesser noise and with a great detail.


Front camera in S8 really refreshed: AF appeared and grown solution: from 5 to 8 megapixels. Presented this entire economy matrix Sony IMX320 or ISOCELL S5K3H1 – depending on the modification. At the same time, S7 Edge is equipped with 5-megapixel module S5K4E6. If we talk about the front camera of Galaxy S9, it will be superb. The front camera is 8MP and is expected to take perfect clicks. The colours, sharpness, brightness is great.

No physical button:

Fun touch button at the bottom of the screen is present in Galaxy S9, I do not understand. In fact, it is just a small area of the screen, indicated by a special symbol. Not a separate button. You push on it, the smartphone vibrates all. By the way, this area is able to recognize the pressing force. Galaxy S9 will not have any physical button on its screen, in fact, the screen will remain just flat without the interference of any kinds of sensor.


Do we need one more intelligent assistant? I think now there is, but we’ll see. Each manufacturer tends to jump on the train that very bright future, where we will be around to help the personal voice assistant like Jarvis, Tony Stark.

At this point the train had just moved his speed does not exceed the pedestrian, but many developers have realized that we must rush to do something, to develop, because the train will accelerate quickly and get to the complex and competitive market for intelligent systems will be possible. In scanning the object with the help of camera in Samsung Galaxy S9, smart assistant Bixby Works very poorly when it comes to visual recognition. The poor performance of the scanner Bixby has given the Samsung company negative feedbacks. Samsung realized this and came up with Bixby. Even made a separate button for it in S8. It would be better if it was not, because the random clicking is not rare, and much good little helper. This problem will be overcome with the release of Samsung Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 will come up next year with a higher version of Bixby- Bixby-2.0.

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Attain the features of using the data recovery software

Since the present world is taking the advantage of the internet, each and every department is availing the revolutionary changes. Yes, it is quite difficult to see the organization without the presence of a computer. In fact, the computers become the inevitable thing for the business and organization to manipulate the data easily without any problems of losing. Therefore, the main reason to use this computer in the business and enterprise is storing data.  In certain cases, you may also face the problems of deleting the files or data accidentally, which will be needed in future. In order to get rid of this issue, the data recovery software is now available to use. Yes, the enterprise data recovery software is extremely beneficial for recovering your data easily without any problems.

Perquisites of using the data recovery software

Based on the impact of the data loss, the data recovery software is implemented for the users. When you have used such data recovery software, you can able to attain so many features and benefits. In that manner, some of the benefits that can be availed by you are listed as follows.

  • Time saving – The software is having the ability to recover the corrupted or lost files or data within a shortest period of time. Since the process is so quick, it can restore the file within minutes.
  • Versatility – It is possible to recover any kind of the data from any type of data loss. Moreover, it is also dedicated to the different types of the storage media without any problems.
  • Economically viable – As it is so affordable and available with personalized home services, it can be so beneficial to use by a lot of people.
  • Giving support for utility – Users who are installing the software can attain the lifelong support to access the feature. Moreover, it is also offering its excellent utilities whenever you want.

These are the fantastic features that you can attain when you have used the enterprise data recovery software. As they are now available online in the various types, you can choose the best by reviewing its various elements.


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Why Is Vidmate The Best Video Downloading App You Can Ever Have?

When you are accessing the web from your smartphone, it becomes a nightmare to watch videos because so much of data is consumed watching them. If some of the videos become your favorite or are useful, you are likely to see it over and over again which will end your big internet pack in a few days. Sometimes you wish that you could download a video from a specific website so that you can upload them on social media sites and share with your friends. The only solution to fulfill your wish is Vidmate. It lets you download any videos from any website effortlessly. You can download the video file and watch them as many times as you want in offline mode.

Why Should You Start Using It At Once?

There are many video downloading apps that let you download videos from video streaming sites only like YouTube, Dailymotion and likewise. But Vidmate lets you download videos from every platform including the social media platforms where videos are becoming so popular these days.

Download Items – You can download movies, music video, TV series, games and other apps from it. You can integrate video streaming sites into it and download the videos they are showing.

Multi-Download – It allows parallel download which means you can surf and the downloading would take place in the background. As a matter of fact, it allows you to download multiple files with ease. The maximum file size that can be downloaded is 1 GB.

Multi-Access – You can search videos on multiple websites with a single query and it will get you aggregated links. There is no need of downloading different video stream apps like YouTube, Vine, and others. Just download the video file and watch them. Note that streaming and downloading the video files will take equal space data.

Video Formats – You can download videos in all the different popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP and MPEG to name a few.

Video Quality – You can download videos in different resolutions but most importantly, it allows you to download high definitely videos easily. There are multiple options available once you select to download videos in different resolution as per your ability to let the internet consume least data.

Support – It supports all video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and other standard international sites.

Coverage – It covers more than 200 live popular TV shows and TV channels like Channel V, SAB TV, Sony, Star Plus, Star World just to name a few.

It is absolutely safe and completely reliable app that you must have at once.

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Technology takes hotel room service better

With the hectic life we are having people faces stress and anxiety. To get relax from our life we have to take break from the daily routine life. People do plan many things for making their self relax and to get away from stress. We have to plan for any travel or trip and explore in the world. It is always the good idea for planning to long day trip which is giving you a great plan and making you a great business woman. Getting more plan about going to trip or tour then you have to make the right method in this and game and then get your communication get the best information that are getting you a great one. Get the best work process as they are not giving you a great work process. Get the best kind of work process and getting you right away process.              


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      With the advent of technology we are getting many services wherever we are going. In hotels, restaurants, hospitals, transport office, companies everywhere we are going getting the best facility that are using the advanced technology and services. They are so many web based applications and it connects more numbers of groups of people collectively through the globe. Numerous social media sites are working actively that performs some operations at a time. Business sectors can use social media platform for branding their products across the public. Many star hotels are now providing with tablets where their guest can request all the needs they want.    

Getting you a tablet for your room for bringing you good room service is really a super idea. If you are taking room at any star hotels then you have to get the best kind of work process with them. Get the hotel room service tablet through that you can able to get all services at ease. You need not to call and order each and every time you want. And sometimes speaking with another language is really difficult for both the person therefore ordering in tablet is quite easy.                

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Everything to know about the best leader in cloud computing

People are living in the internet world because they are doing their each and every work through online. This is the easy way to find all important stuffs from wherever they are. To attain this amazing experience cloud computing takes the important place to extend the border of internet usage. This cloud computing is also known as the cloud hosting. This is the essential tool to bring the wonderful future to this universe. Here is the intuitive cloud believer and he is named as the Mark Hurd. He has handled many cloud adoption projects. He is the CEO of oracle and he has always said about the enterprise cloud service adoption improvement. There are many sites available over the internet to know about this Mark Hurd cloud computing leadership. So, reach the source to know more about this business person.

All about Mark Hurd and this cloud computing leadership

Mark Hurd is the CEO of the oracle company and he is the board of director member of this company. He has started his career at Oracle Company in the year of 2010 and this person gives this best for bringing the computer hardware expertise, technology industry leadership such as the cloud computing leadership with this company.And also he is being as the member of BUBR which means Baylor University of regents. He has given the amazing leadership on cloud computing and focused on the growth of this cloud. This mark Hurd has added the twist to the clod math equation.

This cloud computing is very important for the future internet world and this cloud computing requires the technological harnessing, high energy cost, physical space to work with it and this is the global reality. And the cloud computing leadership of Mark Hurd made the dramatic transition in the oracle company. Here some of the advantages of this transition are listed below.

  • The percentage of the production application in the cloud has changed from 10 to 25
  • 100% of the software testing and development efforts are conducted in the cloud
  • This IT environment has become the most secured sources

These are the main advantages happened in the oracle company because of the amazing cloud computing leadership and to know more about this leadership visit the official site.





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Get the organized collection of data efficiently

Internet has become a boon to complete almost all the processes in a simple and an effective way when compared to the older times. The plenty of websites that are available in internet are very much useful in getting the various information handy. These are helpful in increasing the knowledge and skills of a person; hence, most of the people use the internet to enhance their knowledge. There are various software tools that are available in the internet and they give the maximum benefits to the user. One among such useful tool is the website scraping software which is mostly used for extracting the data from the different websites.

What is the use of this software?

The website scraping software is mainly used for accessing the World Wide Web with the help of http or with the internet browser. The process of web scraping actually refers to the fetching of data from the different web pages, which is done automatically by the web crawler present in it. This kind of web data extraction is used in many platforms for extracting the data from the websites without the need of the coding.

Thus, with the help of this software one can get even one million contents which are of high qualities. It is not necessary to be a tech savvy to use this tool; any non technical user can also use this software to extract the data from the website. This shows that the software is user friendly; all you need to do is to enter the content which you required in the built-in web browser which is present in the tool. These software applications are very easy to implement and one may not require any coding skills to use this tool.

The web scraping software comes with a lot of features which are as follows:

  • The software can be used for copy and pasting the content from the sites, thus it is helpful in reducing the manual work like typing. Using this software it is possible to navigate along the different kinds of websites, this helps in getting more contents.
  • The tool can also be used for managing the data which are available in the internet.





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Spying On Other’s Whatsapp Is Now Possible

Electronic communication has made a remarkable amount of advancement in the past few years. We need not limit ourselves to calling and text messaging paying huge bills anymore. With internet everything has become so available and easy. Messenger applications allow us to connect to people far away via texts, calls and video chats all in pocket friendly internet packs. Sending and receiving pictures, videos, documents, music etc have become convenient. The most popular application used to connect is Whatsapp. It is a messenger app and is compatible in most smart phones. Not only restricted to smart phones like android or iphones but also on personal computers.

Security Features Of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is connected to the phone number of the operator and no two phones can operate the same account. One of the latest updates of Whatsapp included an update on its privacy policy. They introduced the “end to end subscription”. This assured privacy for each chat. Inspite of these measures taken Whatsapp can be hacked and spied upon called espiar conversaciones de whatsapp.

whatsapp spying

With new version of Whatsapp spywares or espiar conversaciones de whatsapp it is possible to keep a check on other’s whatsapp. Be it your child, loved one or anyone else you can monitor their Whatsapp. Retrieving photos from Whatsapp and calling with hidden number are various features of these spywares.  It is of utmost importance that one downloads an effective spyware. Viruses free, reliable and safe from detection are the characteristics included under the definition of effective spyware. Controlling, monitoring of private messages and calls are done by these spywares. Many versions of these spywares are available over the internet. The working is easy as done with download and installation followed by mentioned steps.

Worthy Measure

It is a very effective way to keep a watch on other’s whatsapp. It is necessarily done with precautions. Right judgment while downloading spywares are very important. It is compatible for androids, iphones and personal computers. Programs with evil intentions should be thoroughly avoided. For a necessary check one can always avail the help of these spywares.

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Best application for smart phone users

Apart from communication, the mobile phones are widely used for several other purposes. From shopping to watching movies, everything has been made compactable through the mobile device. In order to increase the comfort of the mobile phone users and to provide them greater reliability to get their work done, various applications are launched in the online world. these applications are the triumph card to do things right from the place where a person is. Today many organizations, manufacturers and sellers have also started developing applications for their business. They consider this as the effective way to reach the users in the real time market.


Applications for smart phones

The most fortunate thing is there are many applications which will not consume more space. Hence the smart phone users can install them to their device without any constraint. Even though these applications are available for smart phone, their operating platform will get differed from one another. hence the users must make note of this factor while downloading any application to their device. For example, the iphone users are supposed to download only the application which is mentioned for iOS platform. And only such applications will work effectively.

The best distribution platform

In current trend, 9app are considered to be the best distribution platform. With the help of this platform, the mobile phone users can download any desired applications for their needs. Since the platform will be enriched with more number of applications, they can choose the app which is needed for them. Even the game applications can be downloaded from their platform. The most interesting thing, the users can also search the applications depending upon the category. Since everything will be organized in their platform, this will be a great boon for the smart phone users. Thus, they can find different types of applications in a single platform.

This app also has many interesting features in order to favor their users to a greater extent. In order to provide a great reliability for their users, they have made this installation quite easy and simple. People who need to make use of this platform can download their app from internet. It is to be noted that the right source should be hired for downloading this app. This is because scams are highly increasing in internet. Hence in order to get rid of these hassles, they must be downloaded from the reputed source in the online market.